Thursday, July 12, 2012

workin', workin', workin'

After a few weeks of Gringo groups (Gringos are what Hondurans call North Americans), we are finally settling into the normal schedule. As a group in the office, we have figured out what each of our individual responsibilities are and how each of us will contribute to the JPC work team. My main roles include taking pics for the JPC website, organizing games for when we go into the school and go to the camp, help with worship, and coordinate dramas for when we go into the schools. I am loving all of my responsibilities. I know that God has blessed me with different talents and abilities and each of them are getting utilized here. 

Last Thursday we began going into schools and doing a VBS type thing for them. We do such things as worship, games, and sharing the gospel through Bible stories and every day examples. The first school we went into was called Santiago. This school has my favorite kids. All of the girls are always hanging on me, playing with my hair and sitting on my lap. They will not leave me alone! But I absolutely love it! They are the sweetest little kids. 
me with some of the kids at the school Santiago

singin some songs with the kids

Santy explaining how to play mar y tierra

some of the little girls from Santiago
Another fun experience I had a few weekends ago was traveling to Tegucigalpa, the country's capital city, for a musical concert. The JPC worship band got to open for Manu MC, who works along JPC in Tegucigalpa. His music is very reggaeton style, which is super awesome and fun. I made many friends and had an awesome time getting to meet new people. 
the beautiful city of Tegucigalpa

me with some JPC volunteers who traveled to Tegucigalpa with us
There are a few things that I would like to ask for prayer for. 1) JPC is short on modes of transportation. We really need a truck to transport things to and from the camp (which is about an hour and a half from San Pedro Sula) 2) Funds for other things such as Brayan, whom I mentioned in my last post, and for materials and such for when we go to the camp and schools. I, and JPC, appreciate all of your prayers and support. Thanks and God bless!

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