Saturday, August 18, 2012

CTI, Colegios and Traveling

So I know its been a while since I've posted, 5 weeks to be exact, but this past month has been crazy busy! To begin with, on July 19th, a musical group called CTI (Carpenter's Tools International) arrived for 25 days of worship concerts. It was some of the craziest 25 days of my life! They did about 40 concerts total! We went to places such as schools, Casitas, businesses, parks and malls. Though it was very tiring and I was worn out most of the time, it was one of the coolest things I've experienced. I had never experienced anything like it. The concerts were normally about an hour long and included dramas, testimonies and worship songs. For the first two weeks we traveled to different locations in San Pedro Sula; for the second two weeks we went to Tegucigalpa for the weekend and then to La Entrada Copan (and surrounding areas), where we stayed at the JPC camp.

One of the hardest things I experienced while CTI was here was when we went to the first Casitas. Casitas is a home for woman, I believe as young as 10, go because they have no where else to go. They are either rescued from bad homes, the streets, prostitution, etc. For example, there was a 13 year old there whose mother kicked her out of her home becuase her stepfather raped her and got her pregnant. It was possibly one of the saddest and sickening stories I've ever heard. I don't think all the young women there were pregnant but looking around the room, I believe we counted 15, and none of them looked older than 16 or 17. It was definitely an experience I'll never forget.

Since CTI left and even the week before they got here, us JPC people have continued to go into schools and to VBS. We go for about an hour to two different schools, one Tuesday and one Thursday, and do a few songs, games and a teaching. It is a great opportunity for me to get out of my comfort zone and really speak Truth into the lives of these kids. I love what I do!

I do have a few prayer requests, however;
1) Danny, the grounds keeper at the JPC camp takes his kids to school everyday on his bicycle, and it is not a short ride. Mauricio would really like to get a motorcycle type thing so he could have an easier time going to town for things and taking his kids to school.
2) Overall funds for JPC here. We have had a few incidents at the grocery story with bounced checks and I'm praying they continue to let us go there. So that the Lord would continue to cover all the financial needs here.

If there's any way I can be praying for you please, please, please let me know! :)

Here are some random pics to give you a glimpse into some of the stuff we've been doing:

These are some of the kids from my favorite school, Santiago. We go here on Thursdays

The girl on the left is the one I told the story about earlier; Roberta (in the middle) is holding her baby.

Me with some of the girls at Casitas

CTI performing on the CCI Channel (CCI is a church in Tegucigalpa that has a Christian TV  station)

CTI performing at a youth service at CCI in Tegus.

and then there's me. pointin at a waterfall.