Friday, June 22, 2012

weeks 2-3

So weeks 2-3 were awesome. On Sunday, June 10th we can our second American group arrive. We stayed at the camp from the 10th-18th, doing things such as moving dirt, mixing concrete, etc. They even helped me and Brenda out in the kitchen!  I was rally nervous about that week because it was just going to be me and Brenda in the kitchen cooking for 20+ people but with them there we had more than enough help. It was such a blessing having them all there! It was really awesome getting to know each of them. They are a really special group of people.
the second American group, from Colorado
On Monday, June 18th, we took a trip to Copรกn to go to the ruins and do some shopping at souvenir shops, etc. We also got to visit the bird sanctuary which is one of the coolest things I've had the opportunity to do so far. Here is a picture of me holding some of the birds!:

On Tuesday, June 19th, we got to spend the entire day at the beach! The beach we spend time at was called Puerto Caballo, which is right next to a beautiful beach resort. We spent time in the ocean, which of course I was very hesitant to enter, ordered drinks at the resort, and relaxed as much as I could. It was great to get a day off after a full week of hard work. Definitely my favorite day so far. 
one of the awesome little cabanas on the beach.

the beach was absolutely beautiful!

the cool drinks we ordered at the resort. mine was watermelon!

this is Rece. both he and I let one of the other people apply sunscreen to our backs. this is the result. (mine looked the same but I won't put that picture up here.)
Since the group left Wednesday, we took the day off to just relax and reload before it was time to get back to work. Thursday, yesterday started the new/normal schedule. Yesterday and today I have been in the office uploading pictures for JPC, working on Facebook and hanging out with Mauricio, Pavel and Santy (Pavel and Santy work for/volunteer for Mauricio and JPC).
the one on the left is Pavel and the one on the right is Santy (Santiago)
There is one thing I ask that you all pray for. There is a young man named Brayan who lives in La Entrada and volunteers at the JPC camp. I will share his testimony that he wrote but wanted to tell you why I would like you all to pray for him. Last year he graduated from high school and was planning on attending the university here in San Pedro Sula. He took a check to the university to pay for his classes, but when the bank went to deposit the check there was no money in the account. Since then he has been trying to find a way to pay for school so he can have higher education and make a better life for himself. I would really appreciate it if you pray for him. He has a really big heart for Jesus and also for spreading the Truth of Jesus Christ. Here is his testimony and a picture of him:

My name is Braham Yonadab Sosa Mejia, live in La Entrada, Copan. I am 18 years old. I graduated from high school last year (11/30/2011). I have volunteered for Youth for Christ about 3 years working with each activity such as being the band, in which I am a drummer, in camp maintenance (cleaning of bathrooms, cleaning the room, maintaining clean parks, etc..); and all this together with the other volunteers and JPC Leaders. I also attend JPC makes trips to carry the gospel to everyone Honduras.
I would like to work full time in JPC because I have seen the dedication, passion, discipline and organization that is part of JPC; everything according to the vision and mission as a ministry has and because I know that God is doing great things in Honduras through YFC.
Because of intellectual and academically than I have to move to San Pedro Sula to continue my studies and take advantage of the desire to serve God through JPC and win young people for Christ; that is the will of God. Because of rental costs (apartment), food, and transportation university I cannot satisfy.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

photos at last!

I am finally able to post some pictures to update all of you on some of the stuff I've been doing so far. Hope you enjoy!
This is one of the many beautiful views from the JPC Camp

The group from South Dakota doing a VBS for some local area children

My little friend Kathi (I'm unsure of the spelling) who lives on the camp property with her family. I have really enjoyed playing with and spending time with this 5 year old. 

This is where I spend about 90% of my time here at the camp. I'm becoming quite the little chef ;)

A beautiful Catholic church in La Entrada.

I got to remove the skin from about 6 chickens last night. It was surprisingly fun! But let's just say they don't let me use the big knives anymore..haha ;)

This group from Colorado is currently working alongside of us at the camp. We ventured to town last night for some ice cream. Fue muy delicioso!

This past Saturday I went with Mauricio and family to the Joya Grande Zoo. We had such a good time!

This yummy looking thing was my lunch at the zoo. Fresh fish, plantains and papas fritas. 
Me feeding a real live giraffe!

This is one of the beautiful views from the zoo.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

week 1

I successfully made it through my first week! And oh my word was it a busy one.
I had a really great time traveling here by myself; it made me feel like an actual adult! I made a point to make at least one friend at each destination. I met these two adorable little girls at the Miami airport (I would post pictures of them but I am having trouble getting the internet to work on my laptop). So I arrived in San Pedro about an hour and a half late but was greeted by Mauricio's wife Ana (she's awesome by the way!) I arrived at Ana and Mauricio's home and it is so beautiful! (again, I will be sure to post pictures asap)
As soon as I arrived at their house around 8 pm Honduras time, I was informed that I would be leaving for La Entrada at 7 am the next morning. So I had to pack and prepare to be at the JPC camp until Thursday the following week. There was an American team at the camp that had been working there since Tuesday. This group was from South Dakota and it was really fun getting to work with them and get to know them.
With this American team, they would do work that needed to be done outside at the camp, while I did a lot of work in the kitchen whether it was preparing meals, doing dishes or cleaning. For two of the afternoons we did a VBS for some kids from local schools.
One of the days we took the American team to the Copan Mayan ruins and spent the day enjoying food at a local restaurant and doing some souvenir shopping. Then on the team's last day here, we took them to a waterfall/park area which is apparently a very popular place. It was fun just getting to relax by and in the water after a week of hard work.
Yesterday was my first day off and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I got to ride my first bus, (sorry if you're reading this Aunt Julie!) but it was the scariest ride of my life! I had two of my male friends with me but the driving here is just crazy! It was super fun though and I can't wait to do it again. I have another day off today before we have another American teamto from Colorado we get to spend ten days with at the camp. I think we are going to the zoo and tonight we have a worship concert we're going to.

Thanks again for all your prayers and support! If there's any way I can be praying for anybody please let me know :)
I would greatly appreciate prayers that God would continue to use me as a light to the Honduran teenagers and children I get a chance to work with here. Thanks! Dios te bendigo!