Tuesday, September 11, 2012

visit from mom!

This past week was definitely one of my best since I've been here because (drum roll please) my mom came to visit! So my mom decided to come visit about two weeks before she planned on coming, which is totally fine with me because since living here I have come very accustomed to last minute plans. And of course, its just awesome in itself that my mom decided to come down here. It was her first international trip and even her first time on an airplane! Talk about stepping out in faith! (she's a pretty awesome lady) We had such a busy 6 days! She arrived around noon on Tuesday, September 4th and we went straight back to Mauricio's house for a typical Honduran lunch of plantains, rice, chicken etc. From there we went to Raissa Vanessa school, which is one of the schools we as  JPC team go to on a weekly basis. When we arrived there, however, we found out we couldn't do our thing because the students were in exams. We had to find something to do so of course Sarita (my fave ice cream place) was the best option. That evening we had a birthday party at Chili's for one of my good friend's, Richie Coto, birthday. Day 1. (I won't go into detail about every single day but will give a brief overview of the week, so don't worry.)

Thursday my mom got to go to Santiago school with us, one of the schools I've mentioned in earlier posts. All the kids absolutely loved her and had a great time with her! I have pictures but am having trouble getting them on my computer so I'll post them soon! 

A very important part of the culture here is food. They love making things from scratch and have a lot of typical food here. My mom did a great job at being adventurous! She had her first baleada and pollo con tajadas! These are two favorites of San Pedro Sulans, so of course she had to try them. There were other things she tried that I'm not so sure she enjoyed, but here is her trying pollo con tajadas: 

Saturday morning we had brunch at the beach with Mauricio and Ana. We went for a long walk on the beach and got to chat and catch up. 

 Here are some other random pics from her visit:

mom with Pavel (left) and Saul (right)

mom and Richie

mom and Karol

mom and Kelvin (my friend and our tour guide at the ruins)

mom in Copan; we went to the ruins in the morning and went did some shopping and had lunch after